Daily Prompt: My 2 Doggies

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Menagerie.”

Yes, I have 2 dogs. Both are white pekingese, one boy and one girl.

Chor Patt_2The boy name is Chor Patt and he is 6 years old this year. Chor Patt in Chinese means “8th day”. His name was given by my dad when we first had him. My dad found him on google, a home breeder who was looking for a new home for the little puppy. And we got him when he was just 2 months old. He was still small and he still drinks milk and eat soft food. The first few days was quite hard because we have not got used to taking care of him, feeding him milk and cleaning his poo! But after a while, we got used to it. I remember when he was 3 months old, he got sick. We took him to the vet, and the doctor told me that he has a fever. When I took him home, he was very warm (feverish) and weak. He couldn’t even walk. It breaks my heart when I see him like this. But luckily he got better the next day, as naughty as ever. And until today, he is as playful and he loves to play everyday. He likes to play chase and bark at things that moves.

Chor Yi_3And then we got the girl. Her name is Chor Yi, which means “2nd day” in Chinese and she is 5 years old this year. I gave her that name because it sounds like a girl’s name, and she was given away by my dad’s friend, who is a dog lover and a home breeder herself. We got her when she was 3 months old, about 6 months after we got Chor Patt. At that time, Chor Patt was already 8 months old and we got him a companion to play with. Chor Yi has stopped drinking milk at that time, and she doesn’t bark! She’s smart and able to pick up on potty training after watching Chor Patt did at the tray where they have to pee and poo. She’s a very good watchdog too! She doesn’t bark until one day when we have our house cleaner came to our house and that was the first time I saw her barks! And it was really cute but she was fierce. Ever since then, any visitors who came to our house, she will bark. And sometimes she bites too, if the visitor did not “acknowledge” her presence.

Every year I would take them to the vet and get their yearly jab for immune system and heartworm prevention. Every week I would bath them and funny though, I thought dogs love to bath but these two does not! They are always afraid to take their bath! Chor Patt would always hide under the table and try to runaway from me. Chor Yi would just sit there and not move when I call her to come. Every 3 months, I would send them for dog grooming where they will get their haircut and nails cutting too.

Every year I would also celebrate their birthdays! I would buy a cake and candles for them. There’s nothing weird here, its just that I treat them as part of my family. They are “humans” to me. They are a living being, and they have feelings too. Although they don’t have a long life span, but I could never imagine how I would feel if someday they are gone. Last time my mother always complain about them, being noisy and smelly around the house. My dad wanted to take them away from me, and I cried my eyes out. It’s because they are already part of me, my family, and I cannot lose them. So in the end, my parents let it go and my mom was able to accept them now. She feed them dog treats and bread almost everyday. That is their dessert!

The two of them always play with each other. Funny enough, Chor Yi is always the one ended up winning most of the time. Sometimes Chor Patt will be very loving to Chor Yi, where he would kiss her or lick her eyes. I don’t know where they learn this from but both of them learn how to lick their own paws and wipe their eyes! And my groomer told me that normally house dogs for the boy will pee without lifting up his legs. Boy, he was wrong! One day I caught him peeing with his leg up! And he always aim wrongly! Urghhh! He always missed the spot! Luckily he peed at the usual place, and not at every corners of the house! Every morning my mom would let them out to run in the garden, and she saw he was trying to pee at the car tyre. When she told the story to me, we just laughed. My husband used to be afraid of dogs, but after he met both of them, his fear of dogs gone. Instead he was stern with them, trying to discipline them so that they will listen to him.

I love both of them very much. What do they mean to me?

Everything. They are part of my family.

Chor Patt_3Chor Yi_2 Chor Patt_1Chor Yi_1

From left to right: Chor Patt, Chor Yi smiling to the camera, Chor Patt licking his paw and Chor Yi. This was taken before their haircut. Will update the photos after they have their haircut soon.



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