Just For Laughs: Makeup Fail

Hey Everyone,

I was having dinner at my in-laws place yesterday and my sis-in-law shared with me a makeup (fail) tutorial that her friends shared on Facebook. I find it hilarious and I want to share with you guys too!

And within 7 days, the youtuber already have 3,700++ views. She has become famous in a hilarious way.

Everything in the video the youtuber mentioned is all about not being stingy with make up and you must put put put to show people that you are not lazy and that you are beautiful. In a way she is right about putting make up on will make you look beautiful, but not being stingy with make up? It’s so funny! This helps other cosmetic companies to boost their sales if we keep on using lots of make up and replenish them once its finishes. And I will go broke if I do that!

Anyway, besides that what I want to say is that being beautiful is not about just putting on make up and stuffs but being beautiful inside out. Putting make up on gives you extra confidence as a woman, like the youtuber said, people on the street might think that she is Mariah and Beyonce. Honestly, I admire her confidence. But in actual fact, I think her youtube is just for laugh. So please do not take this seriously.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and laugh out loud!

Have a great day ahead




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