Pet Grooming: How Often Do I Groom My Dogs

Hey Everyone,

Besides bathing my 2 little rascals every week, I would also send them to the dog’s grooming place for full grooming that includes bathing, hair cut, nail cutting and ear cleaning. I just found out that the place where I send my dogs for grooming to, they have brushing teeth services too (extra charge and upon request). Now that I know, I will do that the next time I send them for grooming again. Probably in 3 months time?

Yeah, I normally send them for hair cut after 3 to 4 months later. It’s not cheap to send them every month! They charge for pekingese size, RM 90 per dog. For tooth brushing its another RM 10 there. And I have 2… Although I only send them like 3 months later, I do bath them every week and brush their fur.

I kind of like their service and the way they handle everything, especially the shaving part. One of my boy, Chor Patt has a very, very sensitive skin especially near his private area and around his belly. The first time I sent him there was a bit of redness but it was not as bad as the last groomer place that I sent to. So this was the second time I sent to this new place, and the groomer did it really well. No redness at all, maybe because I told him to shave his sensitive area first before shaving the rest of the parts? But nevertheless, I was happy.

Last time I used to send my 2 dogs to this groomer place in TTDI. I always send them there since they were puppies. At that time, the owner was the one who handles my 2 dogs so there was no problem at that time. This owner also owns a grooming school so sometimes he teaches there. About 1 year later, Chor Patt always come back with redness at his private and stomach area, he was so itchy that he always scratch it against the floor. The itch usually takes about a week to clear. Sometimes I have to take him to the vet doctor when the itch got worst. Although I always inform the owner to be extra gentle with Chor Patt, he always come back with the itch. I have been going back to the same place for 5 years (Chor Patt is turning 6 this year) because there are no other place that I can send to. I’ve also found out that the owner doesn’t do hands-on anymore: he just leave it to his staffs to do it. And the staffs probably are trainees or students from his grooming school. He has open few other shops as well, so as he got so busy, he’s always not around the shop anymore and he will have his assistant there to take care for me. The last time I sent my dogs there, his private area swells so badly that I had to complain to the owner. Although the owner apologises and gave me a free cream to apply, I can’t send my dogs back there anymore because his staffs were not professional and rough. And seeing Chor Patt suffers from the itch that lasted for 2 weeks, I have to look for a new place. And I found one near my place that was just newly opened (about a year ago) in Bandar Utama.

I’ve send to this place twice, and so far I was quite happy with their service. But one thing I don’t like is that they put all the dogs in the cage. Probably because they don’t have big space. Unlike the one in TTDI, they don’t put the dogs in the cage. They will just chain the dogs on the grooming table.

I don’t like seeing dogs in the cage. It’s like they are trapped inside a small area, where they can’t move around freely but just sit and lie inside there. I have cage at home but I don’t cage my dogs. I let them run around freely around the house. Because to me, they are not animals. They are humans, and they are part of my family. They have feelings too. I will only put them in the cage when we have visitors or when after bathing because they tend to runaway from me. And they are already potty-trained since young, although sometimes Chor Patt tends to be naughty and always missed the spot and pee all over the floor.

Anyway back to the story (sorry if I have went out of topic). Let me share with you the before and after grooming session:

Dogs Grooming

(Top: Chor Patt. Bottom: Chor Yi)

Do you have pets at home? If you do, how often to you clean them and send them to dog grooming centre? Share with me your story below!


ps: In meantime, you can check out my post on my 2 dogs here.


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