Attention MacUsers: Beware of MacKeeper!

Hey Everyone,

2 days ago, as I was browsing through a website on my Macbook Air and this website requires me to download MplayerX to play a video. As I click on the link to download this software, there is this pop-up ad from MacKeeper. They claimed that they are an anti-virus software for Mac and you can download for free. I thought it was safe so I download it. After downloading it, I noticed that when every time I browse on my Google Chrome automatically it will pop up a new ad in new tab window with all the ads about MacKeeper and other ads with another company too.

At first I thought it was some kind of a bug after installing the MacKeeper, so I uninstall the MacKeeper and Google Chrome before restarting my laptop. After restarting my laptop, I downloaded the Google Chrome and then it happens again! All the annoying pop ups! I tried on my Safari to see whether it happens the same thing and it does! I got freaked out and I googled for help. I came across a forum and read the details. One of the advise from the forum users was to install this software called Adware Medic which will help to get rid of this pop-up ads. I was so relieved that it works!

So here I want to share my experience with all the Mac users out there to beware of this MacKeeper.


You can refer to this link for more info about this MacKeeper here on Apple forum.

For more info on Malwares and Adwares, you can refer here on Apple forum.

List of Adwares and Malwares to beware:
1. MacKeeper
2. Norton Anti-Virus
3. iAnti Virus
4. Mac Sweeper
5. MACDefender

If you are worried and you want to protect your Macbook from all this threats, you can download the anti-virus and anti-adware softwares for free here:

Adware Medic (Anti-Adware)

ClamXav (Anti-Virus)

Hope this helps and please share out to your family and friends who are MacBook users out there to beware of this.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!



What’s on my Shopping List

Hey Everyone!

How often do you do your groceries? For me I always do almost every week.

My husband and I used to eat out almost every day, sometimes at my in-law’s place. Almost 1 year. After that we began to feel that eating out is more expensive than eating home. Every time when we eat out, we spent average RM30 a meal for two. And then our government was going to implement GST in April 2015 which has made us decided to cook at home instead.

Lucky my husband was a simple person. He does not need to eat all those fancy food nor he’s very picky on the taste. My husband told me that he don’t mind cooking, but he doesn’t want to do the dishes. So whenever we want to cook, I would prepare all the ingredients and spices, and wash the dishes after. He just do the cooking.

The first time we cook, we took like almost 1 hour for preparation and cooking. Haha, noob! But soon after, we only take 30 minutes to prepare 3 dishes every day. Pro, huh? And we’ve been cooking since then.

So every week, we would always hit the supermarket to stock up our groceries. We normally shop at AEON (formally known as Jaya Jusco) and sometimes at local wet market.

Below are the items that I would usually buy on weekend (preferably morning, because that’s when they have fresh vegetables and fresh meat):

1. Vegetables – Bean Sprouts (RM3), Small Pak Choy (RM1.20), Spinach (RM1.20), Long Beans (RM3.40), French Beans (RM3.30) (I usually buy about 3 different vegetables on weekend, and buy other vegetables later on other weekdays because vegetables can’t last long)
2. Garlic (RM3) – 1 bag with 10 pcs
3. Onions (RM2.10) – 1 bag with 10 pcs
4. Chicken fillet (RM13.40) – 15 pcs
5. Chicken drummets (RM7.12) – 10 pcs
6. Potatoes (RM1.25) – about 10 pcs handpicked (I normally buy Holland potatoes because its very soft)
7. Organic eggs (RM10)– 2 cartons with 10 eggs each carton (the package claimed no injection on the chickens.)
8. Tomatoes (RM1.85) – about 8pcs handpicked
9. Ginger (RM2.18) – 3 pcs
10. Carrots (RM3) – 3 pcs medium sized

In total above, I don’t usually buy onions, garlics or ginger every week. But usually we would spend about RM30 – RM50 in a week. In wet market we would usually buy pork meat:

11. Minced Meat – 5 small packs for 2 person
12. Pork Fillet – 3 small packs for 2 person
13. Pork Bone (pai kwat) or pork ribs – 3 small bags for 4 person (I would normally use this to make soup)

We usually buy from this old man named Jimmy, his shop is located at the side corner shop lot. The uncle has lost his hearing, probably due to old age. So usually he will chop the meat and his wife will do the weighing and packing. So everytime when we go there, they would know what we want so they will just pack for us. So convenient. Hehe. And sometimes they give good advice on how to cook the meat too. Very cute and loving husband and wife.

Anyway, in total above, it would costs us about RM50. So our total shopping would cost us RM100, compare to last time we always spend average RM30 every day, we really save a lot of money.

And by the way, all the items above are zero-rated GST.

How about you? Do you do take-aways often or eat home cooked food? Let me know!


Just For Laughs: Makeup Fail

Hey Everyone,

I was having dinner at my in-laws place yesterday and my sis-in-law shared with me a makeup (fail) tutorial that her friends shared on Facebook. I find it hilarious and I want to share with you guys too!

And within 7 days, the youtuber already have 3,700++ views. She has become famous in a hilarious way.

Everything in the video the youtuber mentioned is all about not being stingy with make up and you must put put put to show people that you are not lazy and that you are beautiful. In a way she is right about putting make up on will make you look beautiful, but not being stingy with make up? It’s so funny! This helps other cosmetic companies to boost their sales if we keep on using lots of make up and replenish them once its finishes. And I will go broke if I do that!

Anyway, besides that what I want to say is that being beautiful is not about just putting on make up and stuffs but being beautiful inside out. Putting make up on gives you extra confidence as a woman, like the youtuber said, people on the street might think that she is Mariah and Beyonce. Honestly, I admire her confidence. But in actual fact, I think her youtube is just for laugh. So please do not take this seriously.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and laugh out loud!

Have a great day ahead



My Daily Supplements

Hey Everyone,

I have been taking supplements for the past 2 years and been sticking to the same brand. I believe that all our daily food intake, no matter how much healthy food intake you take in a day, it is not enough. Supplements are the ones that helps feed us with adequate amount of nutrients and maintain good health condition. We don’t necessary have to take all types of vitamins, like me, I only take 3 types of vitamins:


1. Fish Oils

Fish oils are rich in Omega-3 and it is good for the heart and for memory. For more info, you can read it here.

The product that I’m taking is Blackmores Cardiwell. Its in a form of gel capsule and it has no fishy-like smell. There are many types of fish oils, and according to the local pharmacist (that I went to the Guardian pharmacy), the difference between normal omega-3 oils and Cardiwell is that Cardiwell is the original, pure fish oil and it is so concentrated that we only can take up to 2 capsules a day. Other normal fish oils have to take at least up to 6 capsules a day depending on the number of mg in the capsule to reach to Cardiwell standard.


2. Vitamin C

The benefits:
1. Anti aging
2. Beat common cold
3. Boost immune system for overall health

For more info, you can also read it all here.

The product that I’m taking is Kordel’s Ester C. Its in a form of tablet and I only take once a day.


3. Multi Vitamins

The reason why I take multi vitamins is because I want to ensure that my body has enough / sufficient amount of nutrients. I’m currently taking Blackmores Multivitamins + Minerals which contains essential vitamins and minerals to provide our body and mind with all-round nutritional support and help maintain health.

For more info, you can also read it all here.

Overall in my opinion, these amount of supplements that I’m taking is enough for me. We should not be over health-conscious and start taking a lot of supplements and overdose ourselves. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, and exercise, there should not be any worries. You can also arrange an annual check up with your doctors and get professional advice from them.

And remember to drink plenty of water everyday. At least 3 litres of water. You can read my post here.

Do you normally take daily supplements? How many and what kind of supplements are you currently taking? Feel free to leave a comment below!


Kindly take note that all the above are based on my opinion. I’m not a professional doctor or nutritionist, so please consult your doctors to get professional advice. 

My Review: Online Shopping with The Body Shop

Hey Everyone,

How did you guys celebrate Mother’s Day? And what gifts you got for your mom on the special day? Well, this year I celebrate with 2 mothers: my mother and mother-in-law together with my husband at Genting Highlands!

We had dinner at Gohtong Jaya and later we went up to Coffee Bean for cup of hot coffee while chilling and enjoying the cool breeze. I had hot chocolate instead because if I take coffee, I won’t be able to sleep at night.

This year, I got my 2 mothers a gift from The Body Shop Malaysia. Few weeks ago, the e-mailer came from Body Shop promoting their mother’s day promotion with 50% off and free delivery. I thought it was a good deal, so I tried them out. I bought not only presents for them, but I bought some for myself too:

1. Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum @ RM 57.75
2. Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment @ RM 34.30
3. Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel @ RM 39 (normal priced item, but I got 16% off thanks to CIMB exclusive offers! Yay)
4. Moringa Treats (Mother’s Day Gift) @ RM 35.40 each + 1 gift wrapping service RM 1

So in total I paid: RM 197.86


What I’m not pleased was the service:

I ordered on 25th of April, Saturday. But I only received the item on Thursday, 30th of April. I have to wait 4 days to receive my items. And they use PosLaju service. Fine.

Upon ordering, they sent me an invoice via email to confirm my order and my payment, but not on the delivery date. Because it was a Saturday (non working day), I was expecting the delivery order on Monday but it never came. And then I phoned in on Tuesday morning at 10.30am. The receptionist picked up the phone and told me that the person in charge (Inn Inn, not sure how to spell her name) was engaged on the other line and she asked me to call back later. So being sarcastic, I asked her back, why don’t she ask that person in charge to call me back? Isn’t that suppose to be the way? So she took down my number and hang up. And..

She never call me back until 4.30pm. I then called again, the same receptionist picked up the phone and told me that she is still engaged and she has already given her my number. So I told the receptionist to let that Inn Inn know that I called again and requested her to call me back before she leaves for work, which is at 5pm. 15 minutes later, I finally received the call from Inn Inn. I just wanted to know whether my invoice order is confirm and when is the delivery date. She told me that she has arranged the “PosLaju man” to picked up the items the next day, which is on Wednesday and she apologises for the late delivery. I told her that I just want to ensure that I receive the items by Thursday because I will not be in town for the whole week after that. Ok, thank you and we hang up.

And finally I received my items on Thursday late afternoon. In good condition.


And here now, another point that I want to share with you my experience online shopping with Body Shop:

Their products are all old stocks.

Maybe some of you won’t mind about the manufactured date but for me, I do. A lot. Their product was from October 2013 and some from April 2014. Till date, it is 1-2 years stocks, okay.

In my opinion, what I learned from this experience is that whenever a beauty shop having an online promotion, they are just getting rid of their 1-2 years ago stocks. I can’t believe it! Even the normal priced product for ElderFlower Eye Gel I got, the product was from April 2014. The Eye Serum was from December 2013 and Hand Cream was from October 2013. Oh my god, 2 years stock! Such big beauty company like Body Shop still want to sell their old stocks to their customers.



I was utterly (damn) disappointed with the (online) Body Shop.

Best part is, they always put their policy on non refundable or exchangeable for promo items.

From now on, I will never buy these items online on Body Shop website. No matter how crazy online promos they giving, I will never buy it. Even for normal priced item. I will go to their outlet myself and self pick the items that I want to buy. I will also check the manufactured date on items that I want to buy and make sure that the stock is brand new.

Although some claims that the product is not expired unless its already opened. The product shelf life and the product expiry date is two different thing. The product shelf life, if unopened, it can lasts up to 2 – 3 years. I will do a separate blog on this some other time.

But the thing with Body Shop products is they don’t have a seal. Once open we can already use the product. There is no freaking seal on their products.

In future, I will not buy any beauty products online because you will never know when is the manufactured date, unless they have the details posted on their website.

Do you have online shopping experience with cosmetics / beauty company like me? Do you take into consideration on the product manufacture / expiry date before purchasing the product? Do share your thoughts below!


My Juicing Recipe: The Green Juice

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you what’s on my juicing recipe for “The Green Juice”

How often do you juice? I used to do it every weekend, but after that I got a little bit lazy on washing the juicing machine after. Hehe. But nevertheless, I try to make it a habit to do juicing at least once every week.



The Green Juice Recipe (for 2 person / 2 cups)

2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Cucumbers (big ones)
2 stalks Celery
1 bunch spinach / kale (optional)

Caution: Please do not add water or sugar!

Yes folks! You heard me. It is purely all juice and it’s good for your health. This would be good for kids too, if they do not like to eat vegetable, you can juice it and mixed with other fruits. Please do not add water or sugar, or other type of flavourings. Just gulp it down!

Did You Know?

How healthy is juicing?
1. Promotes weight loss
2. Boost your immune system
3. Increase your energy
4. Support your brain health

The fruity benefits:

1. Granny Smith Apples

  • Rich in vitamin c = rich in antioxidant = FREE RADICALS! Say NO to heart disease, stroke and diabetes
  • Low calories + high fiber contain = weight loss
  • Regulate Blood Sugar level
  • White Colgate Smile = Happy, healthy teeth. There is a popular saying that goes ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away!’
  • Regular heartbeat

2. Cucumbers

  • Healthy brain = Prevention from Alzheimers’ Disease
  • Rich in antioxidant and reduce the risk of cancer
  • Fresh breathe
  • Stress-reliever
  • Promotes healthy digestion with the help of the cucumber skin. Cucumber skins contain insoluble fiber, which helps to add bulk to your stool and smoothen the track on its way out! So do not remove the skin when you juice!
  • Maintain healthy weight and lower blood pressure 

3. Celery

  • Anti cancer
  • Lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure
  • Cleans up your colon and stomach = prevention from colon and stomach cancer!
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Beat the bloat! Find out what other foods that can help to beat the bloat here

In summary, this Green Juice actually helps in weight loss, stress reliever and good for your heart. If I do other juicing recipe, I would also add in celery (a stalk or two). And believe me, I really think that celery is naturally sweet!

Do you have other juice recipe that you would normally do? Feel free to share your recipe below!


5 Foods To Beat The Bloat (Naturally)

Hey Everyone,

Most of the time the bloat occurs every after meal. To hide that bloated tummy, you will have to cover with loose shirts or dress, or drink less water. Fret not, today I’m going to share with you natural way of reducing the bloat by consuming 5 healthy food:

1. Water With Lemon


Water itself helps to eliminate fat cells, flush out the unwanted toxins, keep us dehydrate, boost your metabolism and beats bad breath. You can read my post here. Having said that, you can add in lemon in your warm water and drink it everyday to reduce the bloat. Lemon contains citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which also helps our digestion.

2. Celery


I used to not like celery because of its smell. So, I take it with my juice: I will mix celery with cucumber and green apples. Celery and cucumber contains a lot of water thus, it helps in digestion as well. If you don’t like to take celery just like that, then just mix it with other juices and down it! Plus celery has a high level of antioxidants, which is helps to beat bad radicals and promotes anti-aging.

3. Banana


Banana a good source prebiotic fiber, which helps to feed good bacteria and improve digestive health. They are also have rich potassium, which in addition to helps to reduce blood pressure, supports body muscle and relieve water retention and bloating.

4. Yogurt


Yogurt contains “good bacteria”. It facilitates efficient digestion and prevention of bloated tummy. Go for low-fat or non-fat yogurt. The best is to take with plain yogurt, and add your own fruits in it, like strawberries and blueberries to add in natural sweetness. For lazy people like me, I always go for low-fat yogurt. (Hehe)

5. Ginger Tea


Ginger tea assist in improving digestion and increasing absorption of food. This can prevent bloating after eating too much. It’s so easy to make this: 1 inch ginger to put in hot boiling water. Once the water begins to boil, you can pour it into a mug with 1 teaspoon of honey. You can also drink plain ginger tea if you want to. Plus, don’t forget the lemon!

So here it is, all the 5 foods that can assist us in reducing the bloat. If you have any other alternatives, feel free to comment below!