Attention MacUsers: Beware of MacKeeper!

Hey Everyone,

2 days ago, as I was browsing through a website on my Macbook Air and this website requires me to download MplayerX to play a video. As I click on the link to download this software, there is this pop-up ad from MacKeeper. They claimed that they are an anti-virus software for Mac and you can download for free. I thought it was safe so I download it. After downloading it, I noticed that when every time I browse on my Google Chrome automatically it will pop up a new ad in new tab window with all the ads about MacKeeper and other ads with another company too.

At first I thought it was some kind of a bug after installing the MacKeeper, so I uninstall the MacKeeper and Google Chrome before restarting my laptop. After restarting my laptop, I downloaded the Google Chrome and then it happens again! All the annoying pop ups! I tried on my Safari to see whether it happens the same thing and it does! I got freaked out and I googled for help. I came across a forum and read the details. One of the advise from the forum users was to install this software called Adware Medic which will help to get rid of this pop-up ads. I was so relieved that it works!

So here I want to share my experience with all the Mac users out there to beware of this MacKeeper.


You can refer to this link for more info about this MacKeeper here on Apple forum.

For more info on Malwares and Adwares, you can refer here on Apple forum.

List of Adwares and Malwares to beware:
1. MacKeeper
2. Norton Anti-Virus
3. iAnti Virus
4. Mac Sweeper
5. MACDefender

If you are worried and you want to protect your Macbook from all this threats, you can download the anti-virus and anti-adware softwares for free here:

Adware Medic (Anti-Adware)

ClamXav (Anti-Virus)

Hope this helps and please share out to your family and friends who are MacBook users out there to beware of this.

Thanks and have a great day ahead!