What’s on my Shopping List

Hey Everyone!

How often do you do your groceries? For me I always do almost every week.

My husband and I used to eat out almost every day, sometimes at my in-law’s place. Almost 1 year. After that we began to feel that eating out is more expensive than eating home. Every time when we eat out, we spent average RM30 a meal for two. And then our government was going to implement GST in April 2015 which has made us decided to cook at home instead.

Lucky my husband was a simple person. He does not need to eat all those fancy food nor he’s very picky on the taste. My husband told me that he don’t mind cooking, but he doesn’t want to do the dishes. So whenever we want to cook, I would prepare all the ingredients and spices, and wash the dishes after. He just do the cooking.

The first time we cook, we took like almost 1 hour for preparation and cooking. Haha, noob! But soon after, we only take 30 minutes to prepare 3 dishes every day. Pro, huh? And we’ve been cooking since then.

So every week, we would always hit the supermarket to stock up our groceries. We normally shop at AEON (formally known as Jaya Jusco) and sometimes at local wet market.

Below are the items that I would usually buy on weekend (preferably morning, because that’s when they have fresh vegetables and fresh meat):

1. Vegetables – Bean Sprouts (RM3), Small Pak Choy (RM1.20), Spinach (RM1.20), Long Beans (RM3.40), French Beans (RM3.30) (I usually buy about 3 different vegetables on weekend, and buy other vegetables later on other weekdays because vegetables can’t last long)
2. Garlic (RM3) – 1 bag with 10 pcs
3. Onions (RM2.10) – 1 bag with 10 pcs
4. Chicken fillet (RM13.40) – 15 pcs
5. Chicken drummets (RM7.12) – 10 pcs
6. Potatoes (RM1.25) – about 10 pcs handpicked (I normally buy Holland potatoes because its very soft)
7. Organic eggs (RM10)– 2 cartons with 10 eggs each carton (the package claimed no injection on the chickens.)
8. Tomatoes (RM1.85) – about 8pcs handpicked
9. Ginger (RM2.18) – 3 pcs
10. Carrots (RM3) – 3 pcs medium sized

In total above, I don’t usually buy onions, garlics or ginger every week. But usually we would spend about RM30 – RM50 in a week. In wet market we would usually buy pork meat:

11. Minced Meat – 5 small packs for 2 person
12. Pork Fillet – 3 small packs for 2 person
13. Pork Bone (pai kwat) or pork ribs – 3 small bags for 4 person (I would normally use this to make soup)

We usually buy from this old man named Jimmy, his shop is located at the side corner shop lot. The uncle has lost his hearing, probably due to old age. So usually he will chop the meat and his wife will do the weighing and packing. So everytime when we go there, they would know what we want so they will just pack for us. So convenient. Hehe. And sometimes they give good advice on how to cook the meat too. Very cute and loving husband and wife.

Anyway, in total above, it would costs us about RM50. So our total shopping would cost us RM100, compare to last time we always spend average RM30 every day, we really save a lot of money.

And by the way, all the items above are zero-rated GST.

How about you? Do you do take-aways often or eat home cooked food? Let me know!